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WebKit, done right.

Put the web in your platform with Nuanti Meta™

Meta is a powerful and modern browser engine for connected TVs, streaming devices and internet appliances.

Trusted by hardware and software vendors worldwide for half a decade, Nuanti is launching Meta 2.0 — the full WebKit browser engine, now available in a supported package that is ready to propel your content delivery system to the forefront of the web.

Built for Embedding

The Universal Browser Engine.

Meta is more than just a web browser. It's a framework that tames the power of the WebKit content engine into a modular component that can be seamlessly embedded into hardware devices, software platforms and server applications through a unified programming interface.

By doing one thing, and doing it excellently — handling web content — Meta provides the underlying technology for a new class of platforms that can be rapidly taken to market using just HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

And because Meta is a pure synthesis of the modern web as envisioned by the WebKit team, it eliminates the need for bulky third-party user-interface toolkits and instead provides unrivalled extensibility and customisation via its unique JavaScript API and DOM bridging toolkit.

Meta is built to web-enable your product.

Powered by Web Standards

A bridge to the open web.


Meta has first-class support for the latest web technologies. Because we believe in the web as a universal platform that will entirely replace native applications, we make sure that every feature is tested to the highest standards.

Nuanti continues to incorporate all mainstream web technologies standardised as of late 2012 and early 2013 with individual controls to support features like responsive web design, CSS3 mobile layout and streaming HTML5 video with DRM copy protection.

Using the Meta development channel, your production team can choose exactly how and when to switch on new features that are shaping the future of the web, without compromising the assurance of a stable, tried-and-tested content engine for deployment in today's products.

Ready for Integration

Rapid deployment and expert support.

Trying to choose between licensing a commercial browser engine or hand-rolling a version of WebKit?

Over the years, we've been approached by countless corporations and start-ups who have tried and failed to develop a WebKit port either in-house or through third-party developers.

Since 2008, Nuanti has applied economies of scale to provide a complete solution by offering Meta as a licensed and fully-supported middleware web browser component. Nuanti Meta today powers entertainment and commerce across a diverse range of vertical and consumer industries.

Meta is precision-engineered by Nuanti, an authority on WebKit performance, security and development.

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Mobile Web Browser

Put the web in your device with the Meta browser.


Millions of devices are shipping today with Nuanti browser technology.

Meta is optimized for high performance with a remarkably low resource footprint. That means it's ideal for devices tiny as a wristwatch, handhelds, tablets and smartphones all the way up to information kiosks and big-screen digital signage.

  • Readable Display Technology
  • High-Resolution Rendering
  • Efficient Mobile Data Usage
  • FOUC-Free Page Loading
  • Smooth Multi-Touch Interaction
  • Geolocation & Positioning
  • Device Rotation & Orientation
  • Power Saving Mode
  • NFC & RFID Connectivity

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Smart TV & STB Engine

The first choice for streaming movies, TV and premium content delivery.


Meta 2.0 is built from the ground up to enable secure hybrid content delivery straight from web server or broadcaster to the living room.

Supporting a leading implementation of HTML5 and the latest hybrid web TV standards across hardware platforms and operating systems, Meta 2.0 represents not just an incremental upgrade for legacy embedded browsers, but an exciting new way to reach and engage the consumer using pure web technology.

New high-performance scaling algorithms in Meta 2.0 enable you deploy the same content across resolutions and irregular form factors, all the way up to 720p, 1080p and beyond with uncompromising HD video quality.

  • Broadcast-Quality HTML5 Video
  • Web Audio Support
  • Accelerated HTML5 Canvas & CSS 3D transforms
  • Precise Memory Management
  • 10-Foot UI Dynamic Scaling
  • Parental Control Ready
  • DLNA Capable
  • EPG Transparent Overlay
  • Webcam Stream Conferencing
  • International Text Rendering
  • Remote Debugging Interface
  • Web Security and DRM

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In-Game Browser & Web Gaming Engine

Awesome WebGL graphics and curiously fast JavaScript performance.


WebKit Meta, the world's first in-game web content engine middleware, today drives interactive menus, purchase systems and adverts in dozens of titles from the biggest publishers.

The browser embedded within the game, or games that run inside the browser — whichever you want, Meta sets the standard for serious web game integration.

Meta 2.0 introduces unique optimizations that make web games run at near-native speed on all kinds of consumer hardware. Could your JavaScript app be the next blockbuster?

  • Blazingly Fast JavaScript Engine
  • Analog Gamepad Input
  • Built-In NoSQL Web Storage
  • Native Filesystem Access
  • Open-Ended JavaScript Extensibility
  • Cooperative Resource Usage
  • Ultra-Low-Latency WebSockets
  • Peer-to-Peer Messaging Extensions
  • Social Web Gateway
  • In-Game Purchase System
  • Virtual Digital Signage

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Print & Publishing System

Go straight to press with HTML5 and CSS3.


Meta features a first-class print engine with CMYK-capable PDF content authoring.

Forget arcane print XML typesetting systems and go straight to press using real HTML5 and CSS3. With Meta, what you see is now truly what you get.

The modular design of Meta lets you build a diverse range of server-side, headless applications for document management, reporting, information retrieval and the semantic web — the only limit is your imagination.

  • Enhanced Pagination & Layout
  • Typographic Text Engine
  • CMYK Print & PDF Output
  • e-Reader & e-Ink Optimized Mode
  • Background / Headless Operation
  • WYSIWYG Content Editing
  • Web Screenshot and Thumbnailer
  • Infographic Generator Kit
  • Web Archive Support

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